History of botany

A very interesting story of a botanist who spoke a little about yourself.
So go ...

I'm a nerd. Here is my story.
Being a nerd my whole life, I still hope that my story will be an example and an inspiration for other nerds.

I started wearing glasses to four years. When I was little, I remember being called "bespectacled". Remember it is very painful, labeling, and hard-hitting, nesgladimye leaves traces on the heart, but on the other hand, maybe they have an incentive. I've always been an introvert and I think that it is because of this I became a social outcast.

My photo at the start of the 100-meter sprint

I remember in high school, I was pushed to the lockers and called "nerd." When I asked why, they stumbled and said something like "because you wear glasses.»

In order not to get too much, I became a self-proclaimed nerd. I was happy and I was all arranged. Although they were few, but always there were a few friends that I really could be called "friends."

On the march

I did so, he should have to do a real nerd. I was president of the group, as well as president of the chess club.

I also participated in productions, always carried a yo-yo and played with him in between lessons.

Gifts for Graduation.

I was a quirky personality. Now I understand that there have been too weird. I always wore a hat and did not know how to smile at the camera.

I play trombone in the local library.

I've always been happy with my appearance and I have never had the desire to change something in yourself. I have also always been very shy.

By the time I was already 23 and I only once went on a date with a girl.

One of the first photos of "no glasses".

After graduating from high school and enrolled in college, I realized how much I wanted to get married and start a family. I began to fear that he would never be able to marry the girl of his dreams, because it certainly would not pay attention to me.

One day I broke my glasses and decided that they will no longer be worn. I began to experiment with hair.

Experiments with hair

I never followed fashion and hair and I realized that I can not attract the girl of his dreams.

Grow hair

After experimenting, I realized that I had better, and more convenient, short hair, was I ...

I decided to take them. Replaced desk exercise bike.

Prior to graduation, stayed for a year, I became a little more confident, but it was still a little shy. Although I started going on dates, I realized that girls do it because of pity, or simply do not want to hurt me. I rarely it comes to the second date, yes, I still do not have a girlfriend. I felt that I was still not attractive to girls. And I started. Every day 1-3 hours and that's what happened to me was ...

The girls began to pull, but were afraid of me. One thing I can say for sure is that I have become more confident. I did everything I could, I tried to look better and work on themselves. I was just trying to be good, and to be such a guy who has to like girls.

I went to work in Alaska, I was hoping that there I was lucky, but ... But it only got worse ... I was ready to give up, but then ...

I did it!

When I was 29 years old, I finally kissed a girl for the first time and I had a couple! That she tore past the shackles of my uncertainty. I finally realized that there is someone who loves me enough to be my girlfriend. We met at least six months, but during that time I learned a lot, and all thanks to her. But our paths diverged ...

... Soon I had a new workmate at work. I was still pretty shy and it took me over a month to finally have the courage to talk to her. When I finally made it, the first thing she said is that I am very strange ... and then smiled enigmatically ... A couple of months we started dating ...

We met a year, and I was happy! I knew I wanted to marry her. She endured and she even liked the fact that in my heart I was a nerd. She even allowed me to put Linux on her computer (although it has never since did not use it). I felt like I finally found someone who appreciated me for who I am.

Eighteen months later, I made her an offer.

And now I want to say.

"I am 31 years old, I - nerd, and I say this openly. I have nobody to fear. And now I have a honeymoon. I've been married for only a week. Ten years ago, I would have never thought that eventually marry someone who is as beautiful as my wife. I'm still a nerd / geek, but she loves me for it. I'm so happy that I met my wife. If I had to give advice, I would suggest the following: "things never happen by themselves, to go to meet them, to strive for them, no matter what, maybe a month, a year, two ... ten, but if you aspire to the dream with all my heart, you're sure to meet with her. "

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