History of botany

A very interesting story of a botanist who spoke a little about yourself.
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I'm a nerd. Here is my story.
Being a nerd my whole life, I still hope that my story will be an example and an inspiration for other nerds.

I started wearing glasses to four years. When I was little, I remember being called "bespectacled". Remember it is very painful, labeling, and hard-hitting, nesgladimye leaves traces on the heart, but on the other hand, maybe they have an incentive. I've always been an introvert and I think that it is because of this I became a social outcast.

My photo at the start of the 100-meter sprint

I remember in high school, I was pushed to the lockers and called "nerd." When I asked why, they stumbled and said something like "because you wear glasses.ยป

In order not to get too much, I became a self-proclaimed nerd. I was happy and I was all arranged. Although they were few, but always there were a few friends that I really could be called "friends."

On the march

I did so, he should have to do a real nerd. I was president of the group, as well as president of the chess club.


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