Mystery of the old safe

One guy decided to open the safe, many years pylivshiysya garage cousin. With this safe family horror already began to take shape - say, someone tried to open it, died

Front view

At first we tried grinding machine

Safe did not yield ... We decided sandblasted ...

We cut a piece out and spilled something white. We tightened. After reading on the internet we realized it, or asbestos, but most likely it was cast.

Safety first

Inside there was a tree ...

There's something inside ...

Papers and letters ...

Jewelry ...

Former bracelet

It seems everything ... But there was still a small metal box

What's inside ...

Pendant from Naples

Medallion unmarked

The tiny figure of ivory

I have no idea what it ...

The emblem of something on the front side

BFOE ???

Detail from something ...

Decorative thimbles


Golden feather pen

Masons ?????

Tie clips

We have read those papers, which were in the safe. Some of them date back to the 1920th year. A bunch of Italian manuscripts, stamps emigration. We also found the tickets from Naples to New York, dated August 1922.. Surname as confirmed grandmother belonged to our ancestors. The most recent paper dated 1956. Gradually, the story emerges. Giovanni and Vittoria were from well-to-do families in Naples, probably a family of landowners (by an expensive ticket). They either met or would like to get married. They planned to move to America. They made their journey in 1922, and married in New York. They took a mortgage and rented premises. Apparently, during the Great Depression, they feel very good. But no one knows what happened after 1956 ... I suppose that one of them died and one who was sold rental properties ... That's the story ...



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