On the run

If shawarma wrap is not pita, and plantain, the cat will heal and he will flee

Mum, I want to eat!
Well, broke his two eggs
-Can I still afford to break his hand, that you gave me to eat?

Yet nobody has been able to get away from her grandmother. Hungry.

As a child, girl Tanya always asked to buy her a baby brother. And when grown up, to engage seriously in trafficking

-Well, Why you're mad, Andrew?
-Pancake! Because I'm Serge!

I was taught from childhood to overcome the impossible. For example: "Shut your mouth and eat soup»

Judging by the weather, a stuffed carnival has survived and began to take revenge

Young children in the house - so beautiful! Wherever you sit - in all the dice.

Children of military personnel themselves are changing the diaper itself in 45 seconds

The wife was bitten by her husband. Now he is also the wife

I click "My Computer." Do not clean, damn

Found a secret cemetery doubles Jackie Chan

-How To determine that a politician is lying?
-When Lying, his lips are moving

Circus Bear before sitting down on his bike, rolls wool knee

I noticed that the girls who do not eat after a 18-00, get drunk much faster

The child is cured tooth. Mom, taking it out of the dental office, says:
 - Sonny, what to say to Aunt?
The boy tearfully:
 - The thing !!!

Educated people - one who is in front of ladies, instead of & quot; ... & quot; He says "the artifact» ...

Strange to be alone - it is bad, and live alone - just great!

It is necessary to make a man a compliment on the beautiful mustache and all - she does not talk to you anymore.


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