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... In the Pyramid of Cheops, archaeologists have found part of the ancient aqueduct? The pipes were made of copper and is in working condition after more than 5,000 years after their installation!

... Gold is so soft that it can crush hands? Therefore, for all the strength of gold jewelry always incorporate copper. Even the famous 24-carat gold contains copper!

... .Statuya Of Liberty in New York City is made of 80 tons of copper? It is obvious that the origin of the copper - Norway. Unfortunately, the version of the origin of the Ural copper evidence not found.

.... that in order to protect the bottom of the vessel from marine growths, the ship on which Christopher Columbus reached America, was in the underwater part is sheathed copper sheet? And today hulls are covered with special copper-bearing compounds for the same purpose!

... Copper utensils for the heat treatment is preferred among the best chefs in the world? Because the high thermal conductivity of copper allows heat quickly and, most importantly, evenly spread over the pan or pans!

... Copper has natural bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties, and therefore is the most suitable material for door handles, handrails, railings, air and water lines in crowded areas to reduce the effectiveness of bakterioobmena ?!

... .instrumenty Made of copper and its alloys do not create sparks and thus are used where there are special requirements for safety (flammable, explosive production) ?!

... Natural ability to resist conventional copper corrosion is indispensable in many cases, the "inhospitable" environment. The Swedish National Agency for the disposal of radioactive waste prior to disposal of hazardous substances further concludes them in special copper capsules with a wall thickness of 5 cm ?! Such a method of disposal will allow not to worry about the fate of the buried material more than 100 thousand years - according to experts through corrosion if smite these capsules, it is only through 500-700 thousand years !!!

... Huge amounts of property value (and lives) can be saved with proper lightning protection devices? Familiar arrow lightning rod - it is only half the battle. The second - at least equal in value - usually not visible: this grounding electrode. If it is the traditional steel or galvanized - 4-12 years it loses its effectiveness. Copper grounding electrode will forget about the problem at all, and almost all!

... That the active components based on copper are the basis of skin anti-aging cosmetics?

... That on the surface of the copper water pipes colony growth malignant bacteria "Legionella" 2 orders of magnitude lower than that on the surface of the popular plastic pipes?

... That in Japan, copper pipes for gas in buildings given the status of "aseismic»?

... That copper is the only metal alloys which the US Agency for Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) has assigned the status of "antimicrobial" substances?

... At least 80%, and according to various estimates 96% have ever produced and manufactured copper humanity continues to circulate civilization because copper easily and with virtually no loss melted and serve the people again and again?!


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