Life in a small town near Moscow Jubilee

Look at this little town called Jubilee. It is located near Moscow, only 9 kilometers from Moscow.

In the past year really started in a hurry to take away blocks scattered on Pushkin, but apparently ran out of money before the concrete debris.

But residents have learned to circumvent these monuments.

Let's look at this place from the top. This is probably a makeshift barrier of, dare I say it, the patriarch of planning decisions - Mayor Kirpichev. Mr. President, "dvushechku" Mayor brick by this act of contemporary art have not earned?

This recreation area is the Jubilee.

There was always a nice walk with the family. (Pushkinskaya - Jubilee)

Playground. Strange - the children why it is not visible.

Roadway on Pushkin Street has always been a smile and affection of residents. (g Jubilee)

And this is also Pushkinskaya. Pedestrians pass the Jubilee accustomed motorists.

These pictures I make not only for a test drive, but also in your favorite city.

In this frame, I was finally soaked feet.

But not just me. This woman works in the city administration. She said: "All know, but do nothing, unfortunately, we can not»

This road surface on Pioneer Street, leading to the administration of the Jubilee.

Standing with a camera on a sidewalk in the city right now is dangerous.

By popular demand, set the columns to Pioneer that no parked cars on the sidewalks (right). But the bars ran out as suddenly as it began - the machine continues to stand on the sidewalks.

And here is the traveler's service! Well, thank God!

They collect rubble with pieces back into the pit. It seems that is what they are - high-tech dual-use!

A little more high-tech in the Pioneer.

Playground next to the house on Pushkinskaya 9A. City lake you have already seen in the pictures above (:

Go to the other side of Pushkin - it already belongs to the city of Queen and she manages Mr. Minakov. By the way, passes through this pool is the only way to homes in Pushkinskaya 15 and 21. Three days ago I was not able to drive up to your house simply because it stood in a pool of passenger car, which was flooded with banal candles - which means that at this time to two high-rise homes did not have access or fire fighting equipment or emergency ... So we have on one side of the install makeshift Kirpichev through which can not pass, the other - a puddle in which the cars stand.

I wonder what is the reason of the flood? It is just the nature !?

Unfortunately, not only turns ... apartment, multi-storey, mnogopodezdny house №13 on the Pushkinskaya Street just drains all the water to tens of thousands of square meters of the roof right on the roadway! But this is a brand new house that somehow was put into operation such violations! After all, the act of someone signed - who is the "professional"? He's already in jail?

Children and continue to play basketball in the rubble. Even coverage area for the year to replace the work of the administration could not ...

Here is 2,400 hours "effective" of the administration of the two cities.



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