Brutal emotions

What good bestial theme - inexhaustible, politically correct and positive. If you do not talk about vivisection and other forms of animal abuse. (Because, what would there not talking about the need for research, cutting living - it is a live cut).
And photos of kittens, kangaroos and other penguins - are always welcome and acceptable topic not only for online resources, but also in direct contact. It is hard to imagine that people enthusiastically discussed the "brutal" theme, suddenly become to get personal or go to blows in the manner of the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. Well, not agreed who zverushek charming and beautiful. And to share something nothing special. A beauty - because it is different.
For example, is it not perfectly cooperation, which is demonstrated in the picture Mary Ellen Urbanski?

Is not it touching and beautiful hummingbird drinks from his mouth girl, as it was able to notice Sandell Larsen?

And what a cool desert fox, running against the wind, turned out at Francis Mignoransa. Just ready for the character animations.

The whale shark can also be surprised. Anyway, meeting with Jonne Seydzhelom impression produced on fish.

Who's who hunts, or who's boss. A herd of hyenas (approximately twelve to fourteen animals) decided podharchitsya elephant and met with his mom. What can I say. Elephant arguments were more convincing. And this process is filmed Jay Meksta.

Black-and-white masterpiece from Daniel Sakala. Fight or indulge?

Eric Bailey was able to see an attempt to overthrow the alpha male in the pride. At this time, did not grow together. Still young.

White sharks are rarely sovrshayut such tricks. But Thomas Pepper managed to catch a rare moment.


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