Sleepy work.

Remember the story of the childhood of the mysterious carotid artery, which is worth only a finger to press (in a fight, for example) - and the enemy is defeated at once? Interestingly, it's just stories or the truth?

Carotid artery exists, and its main function - the blood supply to the head and neck. Moreover, the steam artery, each of its branches in turn split into two still vessel: an outer artery (blood supply, it manages the head and neck, oral cavity and nose) and the inside (which delivers blood to the brain, the forehead, nose, eyes ). Because of the importance of these "blood tubes" (after all, they are responsible for the power of both hemispheres of the brain!) They are called sleepy - a slight bump or finger pressure on the sides of the neck to sleep, however, will not help, but will certainly lead to disruption of blood flow and loss of consciousness. So now that you know how to strangle detractors. The main thing - do not overdo it if it only late for a date "scoundrel."


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