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Among the curiosities of all space and draws the first place rightfully belongs to Owen Garriott joke.
 In 1973, he was a member of the crew of the US space station "Skylab".
The drawing, which he had built over the Mission Control Center Officer Robert Krippenom, forever worthy to enter the legend of astronautics.

With a space Garriott took the recorder, which his wife talked a few pre-entry.
When one day the operator Robert Crippen made contact with the orbital station, Garriott was waiting at the transmitter with a voice recorder in hand.
Between the station and the Control Center the following dialogue took place:

 - "Skylab", this Houston answer.

 - Hello, Houston - cheerful female voice replied station. - This "Skylab».

Earth after a moment's hesitation asked:

 - Who says?

 - Hi, Bob, - replied station. - This is Helen, the wife of Owen.

Bob few seconds digesting answer, then barely squeezed:

 - What are you doing?

 - I've decided to bring the children to eat. All fresh, - reassured his voice from orbit.

Control center was silent for a minute, and then shut down.
Apparently, the liaison officer lost his nerve.

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