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What are the similarities between the Internet and a penis?
 1. Those who have it, do not quite want to be with him rastavatsya.
 2. Those who have it, according to those who have not, inferior beings.
 3. Those who do not, recognize that this thing is not bad, but do not understand why so much noise around him.
 4. Those who do not have one, do not mind it a try.
 5. It was intended to convey information essential to the conservation of the species, and turned into fun.
 6. If you do not take precautions, then it can be to catch a virus

The computer looks like a man?
 1.Schitaet himself clever, but can not do without my mother.
 2. tknesh finger - he zavedetsya.
 3.Trebuet a lot of toys and lotions.
 4.Vsegda wants to get into the network.
 5.Tak and tries to ask a stupid question.
 6. Likes to him was blown dust particles and washed with alcohol.
 7.Not makes sudden changes in voltage.
 8.Snachala freezes, and then harvested.
 9.Zhaluetsya a memory shortage, but actually lacks brains.
 10.Burchit when his ship.
 11.Sam can not do anything: it all depends on who uses it.
 12. When tired to put in order, finally realize - currently cheaper to get a new one.


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