Christmas :))

It was evening on 31 December.
 They agreed with my friends for two hours before midnight gather in the courtyard of our house and celebrate the new 2004 together.
If I know what this is all over, I wish I was at home ...
 At the appointed hour they were all in place, one guy came with his girlfriend.
They drank in Russian - glasses. After the third bottle of firewater one of our suddenly declares:
 - And let Anton Santa Claus outfits, Nastya - Snow Maiden, and send them to clear the snow from the roof! That's something to be laughing ...
 Now I can hardly understand why everyone, including me, this idea seemed so funny.
 In short, sober where drown, drunk only to wash his boots: it is said - done.
We send a comrade suit Santa Claus, who, as it turned out, his house was available.
He quickly returned, and Anton Nastya puts on a New Year's clothes above.
When they began to resemble the original DM and his granddaughter, we reached the top floor of our house and climbed onto the roof.
 When we were all on the roof, Anton, just in case (still drunk) tied himself strong kapron rope to TV antenna.
When he started to tie Nastya suddenly became clear that the second piece of rope is too short and Anton, without thinking twice, tied a knot on his leg.
 The logic is this: if it starts to fall, and it will start to fall, and it is tied to the antenna.
 Finally, they began diligently shovels scrape the snow off the roof.
Only Anton came to the edge of the roof and fearfully looked down from the height of the 9 th floor, when he quietly entered a new year, all over the house screams and ... how shall I say ... Shes so bubuhnul salute Anton, who always disliked loud sharp sounds, and slipped through a side left the territory of the roof.
The next moment there was the following - the rope taut, and the Snow Maiden, she Nastya, followed after him, the rope tightened even more, but not broken.
 About two minutes it took us to drag terrified Nastya Anton and back to the roof, and in a hurry to dump out of their apartments.
 The next day, I go out into the stairwell to smoke and I see my neighbor, a retired military Sergei Nikiforovich.
 That's what he told me:
 - Listen, I have, in my opinion, the squirrel begins ...
Estimate, I sit alone at home yesterday, my wife and we had a falling out, and meet, so the New Year.
Well, I give in, it is clear a bit, watch TV. Salad, all the cases.
Well, Putin made starts chiming clock.
I decided the case on drunk to remember his childhood, and at midnight scream as small on the tree, they say, "Santa Claus! Santa Claus!".
Pierce twelve hours, I yell: "De do shka Mo roses!".
Do not believe what happened next! .. Then I saw - in the Santa Claus hanging upside down ...
He looks at me ... and this says something like "ho-ho-ho! Happy New Year! And where is my Maiden? ".
I wipe my eyes - is already in the Snow Maiden Santa Claus and look at me.
I went and washed, back - no one ...
 You know, you do not tell Maria Pavlovna, I'll go for treatment ...
 When I got home, I whinnying at least one hour


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