Signs that you are working in 2004

1. You have 5 passwords, but remember only one.
2. You are trying to enter the password, including a microwave oven.
3. For many years you have not played patience paper maps.
4. Do you have a list of 15 phone, which you can find members of your family of three.
5. Do you write e-mails to people who work at the next table.
6. You lose touch with your friends, if they do not have e-mails.
7. You looked something to discuss in the forum with the people of South America, and at the same time did not even greet a neighbor on the landing.
8. In the evening, coming home after a long day, you continue to call the phone company's name before saying "hello».
9. You can not imagine how much can cost a postage stamp.
10. When calling from home, you often press "9" to get an outside line.
11. You have 4 years sit at the same table, and in that time have worked in three different companies.
12. Your resume is always with you on a floppy disk.
13. You can write with a pen only on the stickers.
14. Do you consider yourself organized person, because all of your monitor plastered with stickers.
15. The main loss on what you "fell" computer - a collection of jokes loss.
16 candidates for the job, even if it shows great knowledge and skills, be refused if it is during the interview asks about salary.
17. Coffee and cookies left over after meeting - your usual diet.
18. "sick" - it means "I can not walk" or "lay in the hospital».
19. If your parents ask what you do, they say, "work on the computer».
20. For several years, you start to listen carefully as soon as you hear the word "vacation».
21. You read this list, constantly repeating: "Damn, it's true!»
22. And now you think someone would send an e-mail that they ...




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