The find of the past (4 photos)

Ancient civilization is not fully explored, although many believe that they know enough.
How do you explain the fact that the ancient cave, located inside the mountain Huashan, next to the city of Huaying, was discovered in 1999, not a scientist, but a simple peasant?

An inquisitive farmer spoke about his discovery of the public authorities, and to the unusual discovery immediately pulled the researchers. Following these employees of various institutions in the Chinese miracle and tourists want to see.

However, Huashan and before the opening of the cave was attractive to travelers. Firstly, it refers to the sacred mountains of Taoism, of which there are only five. Secondly, it is very picturesque: give it a unique flavor interspersed with forests and rocky cliffs is extremely dangerous ascent to the summit, whose height - 2100 m.

Getting to this upsurge, you can see many temples, monasteries, bridges and gates. And then there was discovered more than a dozen large caves, with man-made.

When you get them, it seems that people settled in them for their own convenience. Smooth floors, walls, swimming pools, stairs and stone bridges through an underground river, carved railings and typical traces of chisels.

At the moment, it found 36 such caves, but it may be that it's not all that exist in the sacred mountain. It is not clear whether they have binding moves, or each of them is separate.

It was established by analysis of the walls and the approximate age of the caves: they are about 1,700 years old. The area of ​​the largest of them more than 12 thousand square meters.

Facilities caves are somewhat similar to temples or palaces. However, it will not find fine jewelry: hard stone of their breed is not so easily cut down.

Who can be the author of such a grand building? And where stacked stone carved out of the mountain? After all, it should be a lot! Why in any historical source never mentioned these furnished catacombs? Or unknown stonemasons just gave "square" outline "rooms" natural caves? For smooth floors easier to walk and lined the walls, again, according to ancient Chinese concepts, set up on rest and relaxation. On these issues, probably, sooner or later, scientists would find the answers.

The historian, who lived during the Han Dynasty, wrote that on Mount Huashan spend time in prayer, many Chinese emperors. True, about the caves, he said a word. Apparently, it was kept secret so that it was impossible to solve the centuries.

And if you remember how brutal Chinese rulers dealt with masters makes them caches easy to assume that anyone accidentally learned about the caves, deprived of life.

Another interesting point is that the caves are on the same latitude as the Sacred Mount Kailash in Tibet, the Great Pyramids in Egypt and the infamous Bermuda Triangle. This is the thirtieth parallel.

However, and without mysticism last fact Huashan Mountain cave - a truly unusual place in China, which also has not yet had time to turn into the well-known tourist attraction.



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