Pros matriarchy

1. In the morning you just can not go on a nasty cold outside for a walk with your dog, it is necessary after someone and warm breakfast.
 2. You will be helping to dress coat.
 3. The day you yourself can always find yourself something warm and soft on the side, because now is not the money you earn.
 4. When leaving the bus you will be served a strong muscular arm lady.
 5. You sberezhesh his health in the evening when you cook dinner, let her understand how the vision of TV sets.
 6. You will not have to care for someone.
 7. Now, in bed at night you can safely abandon the upcoming nightmare, citing fatigue and insane their inability (well, right after the three-point).
 8. You will always skip forward, even a minefield.
 9. At every holiday table will be decorated with your favorite dried fish.
 10. Late in the evening you will be escorted to the house.
 11. You will be physically strong, carrying heavy bags of shopping.
 12. Now you will have its international day.
 13. You'll be much more likely to go to the movies, and even free.
 14. The pension is shining on you as much as five years earlier.
 15. Now, a lot can be attributed to man's custom logic.
 16. You can get drunk at parties - the machine does not carry you.
 17. The restaurant will pay for you.
 18. Now you can become a passive relaxed when meeting no one will call you infaltilnym.
 19. Now you finally begin to observe the regime, be on time, because you need to get home before the nurse.
 20. Now you will iron cover - I'm not guilty, she came
 21. dark evening you will now meet at the metro, that was not so scared to walk through the city alone.
 22. Now on the Labor Code you will have three years of maternity leave.
 23. What great times to remember his youthful weak memory.
 24. Now let most hardy half of humanity carries bags at night and takes a second job.
 25. You have finally manifested opportunity to demonstrate their deductive skills in search of a nest egg salaries and odor detection stranger unfamiliar cologne and hair color.
 26. Now you will be specifically for men's advice.
 27. Ring the wedding is no longer your concern.
 28. Now you will not have to serve in the army.
 29. Finally, the same article 117 of the Criminal Code would be for us.
 30. And with all this, we do not have to give birth.


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