1. Do not watch TV. Never.
2. There is such a thing as a "move on." Try to help.
3. I came up with the idea? Record.
4. Do not write "Birthday" and do not say, "My birthday».
5. late? Find a way to prevent this.
6. Do not laugh at anyone's dreams.
7. Do not go back to the people who betrayed you. They do not change.
8. Spend more time with their parents - when they will not be, always comes unexpectedly.
9. Courtesy conquers the city. Use often.
10. Be able to admit their mistakes.
11. Give up the habit at all times to complain. No one is interested in other people's problems
12. Do not spread gossip
13. obscure situations always go to bed. Also, in all situations it is useful to remember that "this too shall pass." 14. Even with a serious quarrel do not try to hurt a person for a living ... You make peace (most likely), and words will be remembered for a long time ...
15. Tell the truth, and then do not have to remember anything.
16. At the beginning of the day do the most difficult and unpleasant task. When you have made it - the remainder of the day you are not overwhelmed by unnecessary thoughts.
17. No one owes nothing to. Forget the word "should." Throw in the active vocabulary. Otherwise, really bogged down in a long time, not only material, but also a moral.


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