Anafiotika - the island is not surrounded by the sea. Greece

Anafiotika (Gr. Αναφιώτικα) - a small district of Athens, situated at the foot of the northern slope of the Acropolis; the north-eastern extension of Plaka. This small and cozy quarter. It is easy to distinguish from the observation deck of the Acropolis on white huts and narrow streets.
Anafiotika district founded during the reign of King Otto residents from the island of Anafi, who arrived in the capital of the newly formed for the construction of the Royal Palace. Construction area was carried out in typical Cycladic style: narrow streets with small, round or square clear houses, bleached bright white color, buried in flower beds and rock gardens.

Notable for the fact that the restoration and construction of housing for their loved ones, work was carried out without disturbing the natural beauty of the landscape. Houses for themselves they built so that each new house is not in excess of those already standing buildings. Therefore, from the height of the Acropolis and now you can see this cozy area, almost continuous field merging roofs which visually resembles a plateau. The ancient masters, as well as their descendants, were able to build for themselves a fabulous cozy city that harmoniously joined in the general atmosphere of this sacred place for every Greek.

Anafiotika Street - one of the historical sites of Athens - retains its charm despite the many tourists coming here. Surprisingly, in this a crowded area, due to unimaginable interlacing of narrow streets that looked like a maze, you can find quiet and deserted alleys unknown to anyone.

Quarter existed under threat of destruction to the 1970s. Archaeologists have insisted on the need of demolition and excavation start, and urban architects argued that Anafiotika spoils the view of the Acropolis.

Finally, planners left a popular village alone. Now it is one of the most pleasant and peaceful place of the old town and seems to be the paradise for cats.


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