Strong rules of the Iron Lady!

1. If those who criticize me, they would see as I step on the waves of the Thames they would say it's only because she can not swim.
2. Passion for winning burns in all of us. The will to win - the question of training. Way to victory - a matter of honor.
3. Being powerful - it's like being a lady. If you have to remind people that you are it, you are it is not accurate.
4. Any woman who understands the problems that arise in the management of the house, can understand the problems that arise in the administration of the country.
5. I am extremely patient, provided that in the end will come my way.
6. Rooster can be well crows, but the eggs still bears the chicken.
7. If a woman shows character, about her saying "bad woman". If the character takes a man, they say about him: "He's a good guy."
8. It is not necessary to agree with the person to find a common language with him.
9. 90% of our concern for the fact that will never happen.
10.Besplatny cheese is only in a mousetrap.


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