Animals that have saved people from death (7 photos)

Some interesting stories about how animals rushed to save human lives.
All the same, the nature is amazing.

1. Lion saves girl from kidnappers
It was in 2005. One 12-year-old Kenyan girl was wanted for a whole week. It was known that she was kidnapped in order to be forced to marry. A week later, the child found - in the company of three lions, which, as it turned out, and freed hostage to death startling kidnappers.
It later emerged that until the police showed up, lions guarding the girl about half a day. They not only did not cause her any harm themselves, but also kept a sharp lookout, so no one else come close to it. Animals removed only when there were servants of the law. Experts have suggested that such a noble reaction predators spodvigli tears girls who could somehow recall the sounds of their own cubs.

2. Gorilla saves 3-year-old boy
As is known, in zoos wildlife kept in a specially fenced enclosures. This territory animals find their "own" and are usually jealous of respect for its borders.
August 18, 1996 at the zoo in Brookfield (Illinois, USA) on this same territory invaded three-year boy - climbed the fence that separated the gorilla enclosure from the audience, and fell with her straight to the monkeys. The height of the fence was about five meters, the child hit his head and lost consciousness.

Since human assistance had to wait too long, the rescue of the child has taken the gorilla named Binti Jua,. She gently lifted the boy in his arms and shaking, has brought to the entrance of the enclosure, where he was picked up by rescuers came to the rescue. And the police and zoo workers recognized that without the help of Binti situation could be much worse.

And lest you think that it was an accident and actions gorillas have been misinterpreted - in the 1980s, a very similar case occurred in a zoo Jersey. There is also the boy fell into the gorilla enclosure and lost consciousness, but he saved his biggest male in the group, who was guarding a child, driving away from his relatives until rescuers arrived.

3. Keith rescues a drowning diver

This happened in the aquarium Polarland, which is located in the Chinese city of Harbin, during the competition divers. Participants had to dive to the bottom of the pool with ice water, where the whales swam - to a depth of about six meters. And do it without an aqualung should.

One of the participants was 26-year-old Yang Yong. As soon as she reached the bottom, her leg cramp. Woman swept panic, she began to choke. It seemed that death is inevitable. Fortunately, the sail by an unusually clever beluga named Mila.

She grabbed his leg Yang Yong mouth and shoved to the surface. The girl survived, and it is entirely merit Mila.

4. Pig saves owner from a heart attack
First plump Lulu gave a birthday woman who did not want to even take her home. Instead pig sheltered birthday girl Yo Mama Ann - partly out of pity, partly with views of the Easter feast. Anyway, the personal qualities of the pig is not particularly interested in anyone.
But, as it turned out, the lack of external beauty of this creation more than compensated for intelligence and even nobility.
When Jo Ann had a heart attack, Lulu instantly oriented and rushed to help. Rather, ran for help, but for ordinary pigs, which awaits the fate of the holiday dinner, it will agree, in itself - quite a heroic act. Another moment - until this moment Lulu never leave the confines of the fenced yard, and suddenly realized somehow open the latch.
Anyway, Lula left his yard and get to the nearest highway. Waited until the distance seem a car and lay down on the middle of the roadway. What could she do? Vote?
However, the first time and this trick failed, and no one stopped. Then Lulu ran home - check on the hostess, and again returned to his post on the road. Only 45 minutes later one of the drivers stopped. Perhaps, too, with the idea of ​​some upcoming holiday.
He went for Lulu to the house, where he found a helpless Jo Ann. Called for an ambulance, and the woman was saved. And Lulu won the award - a donut with jam. Not particularly generous, but Lulu was satisfied.

5. Rabbit saves man from diabetic coma

That's really expect from someone manifestations determination and courage precisely no one comes to mind, it's on rabbits. At least it was not until the day that a guy named Simon Steggall fell into a diabetic coma, which could end very sad. This happened when Simon was resting on the couch in his home in Cambridgeshire (England).
His wife Victoria is nearby, but was in full confidence that her husband just went to sleep after a hard day's work. Fortunately, lived in the house more and rabbit Dori, who immediately sensed that happened with a host of evil. She jumped at Simon became energetically jumping on it and desperately licking his lips, trying to regain his breadwinner to zhizni.

Victoria soon drew attention to the extremely unusual behavior pitomitsy, realized at last that my husband and I that something was wrong and called the ambulance.
So, thanks to the sensitivity and persistence of an ordinary rabbit managed to save a human life.



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