The fastest in the world of the baby crawls 4 meters in 8 seconds

She managed to cover a distance of only 8, 6 seconds. As in big sports fitness and technical training is important, but the most important is the will to win, concentration and focus on success. In the winning races this abound. Oliver did not confuse no fans, no camera lenses.

But the baby-slider, the runner-up, is clearly not enough concentration. Marko Spasic, who on the day of the event celebrated a year and 1 month was good for the race, but before the finish stopped to chat with fans and take some photos. As a result of his time, it was as much as 40 seconds worse than the winner.

However, as the organizers say the races, the camera - it's a serious temptation, cope with which not everyone is able to infants to athletes, so that some participants were not able to overcome the finish line.

Happy mother Oliver Evik Nedela said she always believed her daughter: "Oliver strong slider. Sometimes I find it difficult to catch up with her. But today, it is well made, however, to be noted that the other kids were more interested in the pictures, but not in the race. "


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