Preferred to live in Vancouver

Cities are evaluated on 40 parameters, such as the level of crime, instability and the threat of terrorism, the state of the transport network and communications systems, the health situation, the level of culture, the environment and education.

The authors of the study, making the quality of life scale, the zero point took an exceptionally high quality, as well as 100 - intolerable or rigidly limited conditions of existence. At the last place on the list was Algeria.

Among the most comfortable cities in the second place belongs to Melbourne, and the third line is Vienna. Also in the top ten most convenient cities were the Australian city of Perth (4th place), Adelaide (6th place), Sydney (7th place). Completing its Copenhagen, Geneva and Zurich.

Major world centers - New York, Tokyo, London, Paris, did not get into the top ten because of its size. Unattractive these megacities make traffic jams and increased crime rate, according to the annual ranking.


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