Most juvenile's mother (4 pics + video)

Almost three years ago, her story has shaken the entire country. 11-year-old youngster was pregnant! She gave birth! The child's father - a young Tajik. The ground for gossip was oh what grace. Over time, however, the dust settled. Now Bringing learning in seventh grade and educates small Amin. September 11 the young mother said 14-year anniversary. And after a couple of days to get a passport! Habib now - the foreman at a construction site for a living daughter, Valya and her grandmother, who is now three months in retirement. He lives a guy in a workers' hostel, to see his beloved little daughter, and comes only a few hours a day. As for "married" guys, by the way, do not joke. Now that Wali have a passport, they plan to apply to the registry office.


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