Mud volcanoes Sakhalin

That is, the dirt! It certainly does not sound like normal road slush. This mud is thrown small craters scattered here and there on the vast plateau formed by eruptions bylymi

The unique anomalies near the village Keys knows most of the inhabitants of Sakhalin Island, but the inaccessibility of the volcano does not attract tourists

Winter of 2002 on the Sakhalin mud volcano was a strong eruption of mud flows recorded at a distance of 1 km from the volcano. The last strong eruption at this volcano recorded in 1959. The increase in activity of mud volcanoes can be a harbinger of earthquakes

These volcanoes are interesting natural sites, attracting the attention of scientists around the world, but so far there are few sources where possible to gather additional information. As it is not sad, "fire-breathing" volcanoes overshadow the glory of their "cousins" brothers


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