Where to look your eyes while reading?

Cognitive psychologist Simon Layversidzh from the University of Southampton, said that the human eye when reading about 50 percent of the time looking at the different letters. In this case, the line of sight can both diverge in different directions and intersect.
As you know, when reading small jumps quick eye alternate with stops, ie eyes move from word to word, briefly stopping to read it. Until now, experts believed that the fixations are usually focused on the same letter.
However, new research psychologists led by Dr. Layversidzha refuted this theory.

During the experiments, a volunteer read the text typed fourteenth a size from a distance of one meter, and at this time the researchers using an invisible infrared beam fixed movement of his eyes.

It was found that 53 percent of the time eyes really look at the same letter, but 47 percent - are different. 39 percent of the time of these 47 per cent of the line of sight diverge, and 8 percent of the time - crossed.

Psychologists have noted that even when the eyes look at different letters, still brain combines them into one image. In view of the new data Layversidzh believes that the results of the experiment will allow a better understanding of reading, improve teaching methods and children to read and develop ways to address violations of the ability to read.



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