What can be picked up in the hotel room? ..

Can you trust the health service personnel hotels? The first sample for the study, which gave such startling results were taken before harvest. But the standard work maid in most American and European middle class hotels upon departure hardly includes anything other than a change of clothes, dusting, washing floors and cleaning the sink. Disinfection is carried out rarely. Therefore, repeated tests have shown that about 30% of dangerous germs remained intact.

How much more likely to "catch" something in the hotel room? To test this, the doctors conducted the following experiment. In a carefully cleaned the room were placed samples of rhinoviruses (those that cause acute respiratory infections). Infection "tagged" door handles, light switches, faucets mixer handsets - in short, everything to which we often touch in everyday life. Volunteers were in apartment 5 pm, night and 2:00 in the morning. The experimental course, not told where they were waiting for the danger and asked to wash their hands after using the bathroom only. As a result, 6 out of 10 sick observed.

Thus, you can certainly rely on the honesty of the hotel staff. But if you dearly own health, it is best to follow a few simple guidelines.

1. When using a telephone in the room did not touch the tube lips.

2. Do not put on your pillow is no common use items: ashtrays, handsets, various brochures, etc.

3. Store your toothbrush in a special case, and never put it in the sink, soap, etc. This also applies to other personal items.

4. Personal hygiene should use your own towel and do not store it in the general cabinet and a separate clean bag.

5. Do not drink water from the tap. Glasses and cups, which are always in the room, rinse with boiling water, and if possible use their own.

6. Do not forget that hotel room, no matter how luxurious it was, - this is not your house before you lived there thousands of strangers. Include vigilant and pay attention when touching the "hot spots". Remember that contamination dangerous viruses occur when in contact with mucous membranes (mouth, eyes, nose), as a rule, it happens through his fingers. So wash your hands often.


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