Montreal in all its glory

Montreal is one of the most popular among foreigners cities in Canada. This is one of the few French-speaking city in the world where you can hear the English language during the stay. Montreal - stylish bilingual island city, deep in the depths of passion and pride. Founded by ardent supporters of faith, having the last mountain skinned animals, Montreal was once the scene of bloody events, but in our time, this struggle between the French and English is limited only by referendum.

Gained a reputation as one of the busiest cities in the world, Montreal more attractive for its atmosphere of freedom than the bright sights, quiet walk around the city you will remember more than visiting famous historical places. The city got its name from the royal forest park covered mountains, visually stunning geological formation height of 232 m, is often mistaken for an ancient volcano, towering over the city center

Location of Montreal at the confluence of two rivers made it the economic center of Canada. Its economic importance is now somewhat reduced, but Montreal is still the main venue for cultural events of the country. Four major Canadian universities are here

The island is surrounded by breathtaking mountains. Public Park of Mount Royal, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, entices visitors chaotic paths and gorgeous views of the city. When the weather is bad, many residents go to the underground, where there is a developed network of shops, theaters and residential complexes linked


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