25 of the best street art works created in 2015

Street art, like any art form, constantly evolving. Previously, it had been lonely murals in different cities. Now grandiose festivals, where the unfolding soul of the artist. Each of the authors of original and takes her: someone - scale, others - humor, beat the third space. < Website for you to publish a selection of delicious street art works in 2015.

Paris, France h3>

Papeete, Tahiti h3>

Miami, USA h3>

Tauranga, New Zealand h3>

Stockholm, Sweden h3>

Montreal, Canada h3>

Lodz, Poland h3>

Montreal, Canada h3>

beans, Poland h3>

Turin, Italy h3>

Buenos Aires, Argentina h3>

Paris, France h3>

Oslo, Norway h3>

Barcelona, ​​Spain h3>

Oz, France h3>

Malta ​​h3>

Berlin, Germany h3>

Salerno, Italy h3>

Milan, Italy h3>

Lisbon, Portugal h3>

Hong Kong, China h3>

Karlsruhe, Germany h3>

Hawaii, USA h3>

Calais, France h3>

New York, USA h3>

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