On the African coast washed carcass unknown toothy monster

On the coast of Guinea in West Africa found an unknown animal of enormous size. As the NEWSru.Ua with reference to RIA "Novosti", it has a head, paws, teeth and tail. Presumably, the body of a dead monster washed up on beach during a storm. Scientists believe they have discovered a new species of animals, hitherto unknown to science.

By assumption, scholars, Africa still keeps quite a few interesting finds. Especially rich in rare species of animals Democratic Republic of Congo.

This spring, in the Congo expedition found a new species of bats, rodents and frogs. Mysterious territory west of Lake Tanganyika, has long attracted scientists, but until recently they have not had access to. All because of the instability in the region since 1960 in the country was ongoing civil war.

Most of the way the members of the expedition had to be overcome on the lake, as the road has long been destroyed during the war. And only this year became the property of the sensational findings of the scientific world, among them two species of shrew, two - tailless amphibians (frogs), one - bats and rodents.

Furthermore, botany expedition failed to identify about 10 percent of the harvested plants that are sent for analysis in the art. Perhaps soon we can talk about new kinds of flora.

Two years ago in the Congo have been found previously unknown giant ape. In the north of the Democratic Republic of the scientists found the animals, reaching two meters in height.

On large monkeys locals tell for a long time. They said that primates live in the depths of forests and different ferocity and strength. They say that this monkey can even kill the lion. They are very similar to those of gorillas, but their habits are more like chimps. There is a theory that the observed primates - a hybrid of chimpanzees and gorillas.


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