Do you believe in omens: how to lure money?

pockets of clothes hanging in the closet for the season, provide small denominations dignity; And money does not like torn pockets or divorced buttons.

Never hold the purse empty, let it contains at least a coin. All bills must be placed face to the owner. In the smallest department store the folded triangle of one dollar bill. Also in the purse should be "lucky coin" (the first earned derived from a good man from a successful transaction, etc.). This coin can not be spent - it lucky mascot prosperity, otherwise the money will be offended and will not go together.

Pass the three coins with holes in the middle and red ribbon to wear in his Kobelkov. Every time you open your wallet, gently stroking mascot - he will respond profit ...
(Won earned dishonestly found donated, etc.) do not bring happiness, and therefore should not be delayed in your wallet. Give to the needy or immediately spend.


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