What would make a monster

I do not know about you, but I sometimes overcomes the desire to carve some monster, or vice versa, something infinite goodness of the material at hand. For example, from kebab sticks all kinds of mischief done. Or is there of autumn leaves.
A can of pencils, it turns out to sculpt such masterpieces that take your breath away.
Particularly interesting from the author nautical theme. There are also other animals, but the inhabitants of the seabed and the surrounding area directly magnetism any proceeds. In general, all creatures have collected. Let's start with the star. The rest - under the cut

This, I suspect, somewhere near the first instance inhabit.

Identify failed. Not a botanist, zoologist not. Maybe someone will tell.

Whether stoned owl, whether razozhravshiysya Volcano rabbit, but obviously a land origin.
Well, and then, it seems, a flight of fancy. Sufficiently violent and difficult. But the beautiful and mysterious.


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