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In order to update your wardrobe, no longer need to travel to London, Paris, Milan or New York. The British edition of the Independent believes that fashion, new favorites, and offers a fresh list of places of pilgrimage glamorous "shopaholics":

Glasgow, United Kingdom

The motto of the city is: "Let Glasgow flourish." This is exactly what makes the fashion industry for Glasgow. In today's London Fashion Week was attended by eight young designers who were born, studied or worked in Glasgow. On top of success is now 24-year-old Scot, Christopher Kane, whose work in the past year attracted world attention.

Beirut, Lebanon

Known as the "Paris of the East", Beirut is probably one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the Arab world. Despite last year's war with Israel, the metropolis comes to life. The famous fashion designer Elie Saab, dressed many Hollywood actresses, continued to work in his studio, even when Beirut was bombed.

Beijing, China

In China today, the real fashion boom. Foreign companies investing in the development of the industry in Beijing, but also local designers work tirelessly. Fashion Week in the capital of China celebrated this year its tenth anniversary, and the government is taking serious measures to change the image of China as a country that produces low-quality products.

Istanbul, Turkey

Designer Wallpaper magazine named the best city of Istanbul. Now there are a lot of talented young designers who produce not only beautiful, but also a modern clothes suitable for the city.

Moscow, Russia

The capital of Russia, too, got into the list. Foreigners believe the Russians approach to fashion a bit pretentious, but I believe that the opening of stores in the city of Western brands will allow Muscovites easier to relate to matters of style.


India is also on the list of potential favorites of fashion. There has just appeared the local edition of Vogue, a fashion week in Mumbai is known for bright colors and bold experiments, so that soon Indian clothing brands may appear in stores all over the world.

Also includes a list of fashion capitals of Madrid (Spain) and Sao Paulo (Brazil)


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