10 tips to move

1. Orient the sky. If the sky is imposed by clouds - so soon morning. If the asphalt is imposed - then the sky on the other side. If the sky is white - you're probably already at home. If the tiled - in the drunk tank. If the sky is at hand, and wood - a very bad omen.

2. Carefully examine the positioning of the moon. If the moon and stars are located on street flags - a foreign country. If the flags of the building - it is an embassy. If the moon is in the sky, but there are two - either you're on another planet, or need to sleep, and everything goes.

3. Listen to the sounds and rustling. If you are tweeting about mobile phones - a major civilized city. If passers-tweeting - this is China, Vietnam, Korea and Japan. Determine the distance to the house of eyebrows sellers: show them any money bill - the higher the brow, the more the homeland.

4. Determine the direction. Territory of offices grows larger cars from the sleeping areas, less - by the center. Determine the time of voices singing technique. If copier around singing - this is the day when air conditioners - summer (in winter they go into hibernation), but faxes are singing round the clock.

5. To get a night in a warm, kindle a fire under the windows of the police station.

6. Edible gifts of nature can be found in old snags selling pickles and sauerkraut, and offer to try.

7. To make fire and cook yourself a hot meal for eight years ahead, find flint and chirknite them about any piece of metal gas station.

8. Avoid tracks on which trams and trolley buses - they do not lead to a human habitation, and in their lair.

9. Vipers usually do not attack people unless disturbed her burrow. If you were under the ground and you hissing viper - a metro and have to pay the fare.

10. In order to avoid such a situation in the future, keep it with your passport, money for a taxi and be sure to have a snack.


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