The teenager survived after the metal tube pierced his skull (2 photos)

Indian teenager miraculously survived a traffic accident, which resulted in a thick metal tube pierced through his skull.

According to The Daily Mail, in February, in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh truck collided with a bus, a passenger who was a 18-year-old student Manish Radzhpurohit.
Meter piece broke off a handrail entered the head of a young man over the bridge and left at the base of the skull, just missing the cervical vertebrae.
Surprisingly, Manish has not lost consciousness for an hour and get to the nearest hospital in the trishaw.
Surgeons were able to remove from the head pipe boys, noting that it somehow inexplicably has not touched any vital areas of the brain.

According to RIA "Novosti", after the operation Manish Radzhpurohit long suffered from an infectious inflammation, but by now he is fully recovered.


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