Brad Pitt to build 150 homes in New Orleans (16 photos)

While Angelina Jolie travels the world as a Goodwill Ambassador, her lover Brad Pitt decided to do much good for their fellow citizens: the actor announced that it will build 150 environmentally friendly homes for families who lost their homes due to Hurricane Katrina.

Pitt's project called "Do it right" and includes a plan to restore the part of the ninth district of New Orleans, almost razed to the ground.

Standing at the place where the hurricane broke the dam of the Industrial Canal, Pitt said: "We plan to rebuild 150 homes. But I see no reason why we can not rebuild a thousand, 10 thousand and 100 thousand houses ».

Pitt said that in the construction of houses will be used only to "green" materials that do not violate the ecological balance, and the operation of housing - only energy-efficient appliances. Construction of a house would cost somewhere in the 150 thousand. Dollars.

Brad Pitt has promised to invest in the project "done correctly" 5 million. Dollars.


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