10 questions to gubenatoru California by GQ magazine

From the construction of their bodies to build a new California - is the way of the governor - "Terminator" Arnold Schwarzenegger. 60-year-old Arnie answers questions of the magazine "GQ".

Suddenly, the laws will change soon and born outside the US will be able to become president?
What a wild idea! Immediately the constitution needs to be changed! Yes, I can not become president, but this country has given me what I wanted, so why rush into the White House? But if there was a new law, I would have thought. I love testing and risk. The risk of failure - the best incentive to work. Although I left the sport, the body requires competition, I want to take a chance on the way to the goal. Then the victory more satisfying. Maybe others to taste the quiet life, but it's not for me.

Wealth helps you in politics?
Of course. In the election campaign, I put my own 25 million., And had no one to ask for help. The other is to make sure they were not afraid to invest in me. I can honestly spend money and be independent.

What role in your business plays a wife?
I would not have pulled it all alone, I need a partner. I was lucky with her. She had talked with famous athletes, so well understood how difficult to be a champion. Her grandfather was engaged in the movie business, so that in Hollywood, I also always been able to rely on the experience of his wife. In politics, it would not let me, but I still decided to help everyone, at home and at work. She is a very smart woman and knows about politics firsthand. And very well that I have it Democrat - in any case it is useful to hear the opposite view. That's why I recruited a team of Republicans and Democrats to see the full range of views.

They say you are a great lover of women. What's not true?
I admire women, there is nothing more beautiful in the world. Without them I would not have been. And I'm happy to be the most beautiful woman in the world to become my wife.

What do you think about fame and a new breed of celebrities who are famous only because famous - like Paris Hilton?
That's really what I do not think so! In my work there is something to think about and apart from Paris Hilton. I have no time to understand who earned his 15 minutes of fame, and who is not.

And if your child said: "Dad, I want to be famous, like Paris Hilton, and do nothing!", You say to him?
Children - a special case, they have their own dreams. My son is 14 years old loves the show MTV "Pimp My Ride". I took once one of my machines and even circulated it in full. Leopard skins on the seats ... the horror! Children see the world not as we.

Are you a strict father?
In some moments - yes. I demand to wash their clothes, clean rooms and do their homework. In all other respects, I try not to strain and strain them.

What is your favorite film.
It is difficult to choose one ... Well, like "Alien".

A favorite of your work?
Even more difficult ... I will name four: "Terminator," "True Lies," "Twins," "Kindergarten Cop".

And least favorite?
[Laughs loudly]. "Hercules in New York", is forced to admit. This question below the belt!

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