Kevin Federline was the best father of the year

The American magazine "Details" named Britney Spears ex-husband Kevin Federline, the father. Dancer and rapper, who tied a public life and is always at home with two children - 2-year-old Sean Preston and 16-month-old Jayden James, compared with chicken-hen in a good sense.

The editor admires divorced Kevin, who refused all male stag and entertainment companies, and devoted his time to children. The ex-wife of Spears often see with kids in shopping centers where they buy toys for children, and on the streets. At the same time children are always well-groomed, nicely dressed and smiling, and they are not just a rapper walks with a dull-faced, like many daddies, but always with them to play different games and amused.

Against the background of such a prosperous and caring dad boys' mother Britney Spears looks even more disorderly and does not inspire confidence. Kevin has two other children from his first marriage to actress Cher Jackson - 5-year-old daughter Kori and 3-year-old son, Caleb. Federline is often visited by children and invites them to his home.

Sometimes dad sees surrounded by four children, who get along good. By the way, the first rapper left when she was pregnant with her second baby, and moved to Britney. The former wife of Sher argues that, despite the fact that their family broke up, a good father, Kevin.

One of his close friends told the magazine: "It's always wrote that Kevin is trying to sue Britney children just for the money, but it is not. Well, now that people see that he is a father and loves children. "

January 23, Kevin Federline got full custody of sons Sean Preston and Jayden James. Britney has the right to three times a week to visit the children, but under the control of their father or a social worker.

Britney's younger sister Jamie Lynn was going to have an abortion, but her mother persuaded 16-year-old daughter to give birth and promised that immediately take grandchild himself as a young star of TV series that do not have to raise a child. Jamie Lynn has agreed that a career is more important for her and the baby will foster grandparents.

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