My friend - Kettle. Discussions with appliances save from depression! :)))

Good advice, "If you suffer from loneliness - the head dog" in the XXI century, a bit old. Today, as American scientists have found out, most people prefer to compensate for the lack of human interaction ... friendly "conversation" with a computer, TV, electric kettle and other equipment.

Most dog owners sincerely believe their pets as full members of the family and talk to them as equals. Often people talk with the trees, the sea, and in recent times with computers, cars and even household appliances. This phenomenon has even got its own name - "anthropomorphism».

"Humanization" of household appliances can be an excellent remedy for loneliness. That is the conclusion drawn by researchers from the University of Chicago. If a person who is isolated, begins to communicate with the surrounding objects like a living creature, then it falls into a depression much less those who remain indifferent to their appliances.

At the same time Western scholars have noted that underestimate their opening is not necessary. The therapeutic effect of anthropomorphism could save several thousand lives put in jeopardy loneliness. "Loneliness breeds from various human fears, which subsequently can lead to mental disorders, and even desire to commit suicide - said one of the authors of the study, Associate Professor Nicholas Epley of the University of Chicago. - It is safe to say that loneliness is associated with a greater risk of disease than smoking ».

However, self-medication does not always give a positive result. Conversations with players and grinders may end up in a psychiatric clinic. It's all about side effects of anthropomorphism. Used to live in a dream world, a person ceases to adequately communicate with people. They are in his eyes lose their human qualities and is perceived as inanimate objects. "The fact that conversations with the technique - it is a surrogate of communication - said" NO "psychiatrist Mikhail Golubev. - The problem arises when people get used to it and begin to surrogate to replace them normal communication. Back to the society without help they can not. And the main thing here - to eradicate the cause of anthropomorphism - loneliness. This feeling is associated with negative feelings, and they in turn can lead to the development of not only mental but also physical illnesses. Constant suffering lead to malfunction of the body ».

Russian psychiatrists believe the results of the American study is quite natural, but it is not advised to treat them dogmatically. "Of course, a person needs to communicate, and for a long loneliness can lead to the development of mental illness - told" NO "the psychiatrist Alexander Gonopolsky. - But you can not say that anyone talking to inanimate objects. lonely and it is at risk. Another thing is when a person starts to get attached to things and emotionally affected by this communication, when items are replaced to him. In this case, already need expert help. "


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