Herpes causes cancer of the brain (the conclusion of scientists)

One of the herpes virus group can greatly accelerate the growth of a cancerous brain tumor, a conclusion was made by the staff of the Research Institute of California Pacific Medical Center.

Report on the work of scientists published in the journal "Cancer Research." As it turned out, cytomegalovirus affects about 50% of people over 35 years. Its symptoms are not expressed, so the majority of people who are carriers of infection do not know it.

According to "Vision", the virus can exist in the body throughout life, and does not show. For healthy people, it is not terrible, but dangerous for those with weakened immune system (especially for HIV / AIDS patients). If pregnancy can lead to fetal death.

Traces of cytomegalovirus was found in cancers of the brain for a long time, but the role it plays in the cancer process, experts found just now.

The new discovery will allow scientists to find a way to treat gliomas, the most common form of cancer of the brain. It is difficult to treat because these patients do not operate, and radiotherapy and chemotherapy in this case are shown only in small quantities. Typically, a patient with glioma die within a year.


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