Shark fell in love with her savior

Number 56 of the French magazine «Le magazine des voyages de pêche» published an amazing love story.

Arnold Pointer, a fisherman from South Australia two years ago, saved from death, freed from the network and releasing the female white shark.
Today fisherman serious problem - the shark follows him wherever he sailed, scaring off the fish.

"I do not know what to do," says Arnold. It is impossible to get rid of almost 6-meter shark, not only due to the fact that white sharks are listed in the White Paper, but also because of the affection between Arnold and "Cindy».

Arnold says: "As soon as I stop the boat, she sails to me, turned on his back and let me scratch her belly and neck, while she rolls her eyes like a cat gently raskachivaetcya and wags its tail fins moves».


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