The most expensive autonumbers was sold to the United Arab Emirates (5 photos)

A record amount paid for the license plate 25-year-old resident of Abu Dhabi, reports RIA Novosti.

Businessman Said al-Khouri did not regret 52, 2 million dirhams (14 million dollars) for the metal plate number with a single digit "1". The sign was put up on the eve of the auction of car numbers in hotel "Emirates Palace" in Abu Dhabi with an initial value of 100 thousand dirhams (more than 27 thousand dollars).

From the very beginning I have gone through millions of dirhams. Once the value of the lot has reached 47 million dirhams (13 million dollars), with the unique number fought only two contenders.

To compete with al-Khoury Dubai businessman surrendered when the businessman from Abu Dhabi exchanged sixth decade in millions of dirhams. The owner of the world's most expensive license plate said "had no intention to retreat and would buy the coveted number plate at any price».
In the family of al-Khouri is already expensive license plates with the numbers "5" and "7". A cousin of Said Talal has paid for these signs more than 36 million dirhams (10 million dollars).

Proceeds from the sales of license plates on auctions that are held under the motto "A special room for special purposes" to the Foundation to help people with physical disabilities, including victims of road accidents.

Car license plate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can be purchased in perpetuity. It can not be changed by updating the family fleet, send the sons and daughters inherited, gifted, and how to sell with the car, and without it.

Local observers believe that al-Khoury family buys an attractive license plates for resale. However, it is doubtful that they will be buyers.

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