Garbage Monsters desktop

Old news are sooooo exciting ... the first advertising campaign organized by the Norwegian startup 2008scandinavia for neighbors in Oslo - Support service Teknograd - came more to the middle of January and proved to be extremely successful: four ornamental screenshot on "what threatens littered icons desktop of your Mac" very quickly separated by a worldwide network, gathered a lot of responses, caused a slight pandemonium directly on the site of an advertising agency, and even moved on outdoor advertising in the capital's subway.

A bit of theory: it is well known that the desktop Mac OS X is strongly discouraged clutter abundance of icons and folders - each icon is interpreted by the system as an open window, an abundance of windows creates an additional burden on the window server that the abuse of desktop icons may come back to haunt the performance of "mac" . That, in fact, show a clear way four composed of countless icons collage: Macintosh HD icon lonely threatened shark, giant pangolin Tiranosuarus rex, skull, and even extraterrestrial aliens.








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