Naomi Campbell did emergency surgery

popular British model Naomi Campbell was admitted to the hospital in the largest Brazilian city of Sao Paulo.

About hospitalization celebrity press service of the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital. Accurate diagnosis Campbell was not disclosed, but we know that it is engaged in the survey is one of the best specialists in Brazilian Infectology. For help with this model expert flown in from London.

"I'm not allowed to disclose the diagnosis, which was raised by Naomi, nor how strong was her illness, but I can say that I took it yesterday (Monday), and it is completely normal," - said the doctor. "It was an emergency operation, but everything went well. There was nothing serious, and there were no problems that could cause worry ", - assured the doctor.

Note that Naomi Campbell is in Brazil often enough. In February 2008 she participated in the famous carnival samba and sang in the streets of Salvador, reports RIA "Novosti».

Recall that in October 2007, Campbell as a goodwill ambassador for the charity Children's Foundation named after Nelson Mandela had lunch with businessmen in Rio de Janeiro. Then she said that she hates President Bush and is ready to interview Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Chavez's visit caused a model in a few days. The Venezuelan leader took her to the presidential palace in Caracas. Then Naomi Campbell Hugo Chavez expelled a clock as a gift.



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