The computer of the future (3 photos)

Before you - a handheld computer of the future, not only those possessing the necessary functions which have many modern phones and PDAs (such as touch screen, camera, WiFi, Internet, GPS, 3G-connection, etc.), but some of my "super abilities."

Conceived by example demonstrates how closely mobile devices can be integrated with Internet search.

This concept has an ulterior motive PDAs transparent display - in fact if you look through it at an object, the device is able to provide for him with all available information obtained through internet search.

For example, if you send it to the building, you can find his address, to get historical information about it, and clicking on a concrete floor - to obtain information, for example, about whose office is located there, etc. If you look through the display on the car, you can see his mark on the plant - to know his name and other data. And thanks to the built-in scanner can even be used for the interpretation and translation of words from books, newspapers, magazines. Looking at these "concepts of the future" it would be desirable that this future begins as soon as possible :)

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