In a crowded minibus killed people

The collision happened at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Prokhorov street Metalworkers.

 - Both buses were brand Otoel, - told us the press service of the traffic police in St. Petersburg and Leningrad

region. - It's kind of like our "keyway." The bus, which drove into the intersection at banning

traffic signal, was full of people. He crashed into an empty bus, which was moving in the same


The blow machine washed up on the sidewalk. Man and woman, who were traveling in the bus died on the spot. Woman on

view of about 30 years, men - 40. Their personalities are now installed.

 - Eight people after the accident were in the Alexander Hospital. - Two - in Mariinsky. Heavy injured

no. All of a multiple body injuries. Including both drivers.

 - That was the cause of the accident - ice or the human factor - too early to speak - said the traffic police. - Now a criminal case.


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