Russia in anticipation of a nuclear attack

Russia is entering into an active phase of preparation for the coming war. The night before, on Ashuluk range in the Volga-Urals Military District ended testing of integrated systems management Force and Air Defense. After their completion, the chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Yuri Baluyevsky spoke of a certain "air and outer enemy", the consequences of the impact which this system is tested on Ashuluk just will minimize. "We do what we need," - said Mr. Baluyevsky, Russia and has set an ambitious goal - to develop "weapons XXI-XXII centuries».

According to experts, the entire or at least a significant upgrade weapons of the Russian army - task difficult even for purely technical reasons, such as lack of skilled personnel, and reduced quality of product MIC. Additional creates inconvenience and obviously strained in recent years the relationship between the General Staff and the command of the current Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, formed mainly of a purely civilian experts. In the event of the outbreak of hostilities, Russia will have to settle for those weapons systems that are already on alert, hoping for rapid development of its defense only after the war had become a reality, ceased to be an "opportunity", analysts say.

However, despite the unrealistic task to equip the Russian army weapons of XXII century in the near future, the question itself suggests that the Russian leadership at least thinking in the right direction. The new system will minimize the effects of the first and most terrible nuclear missile attack. If no active operations in the foreseeable future would be taken, in case of a nuclear missile attack on the territory of the RF loss and destruction are enormous.

"We have the appropriate Russian air defense system, but their effectiveness is questionable - the majority of them have not been modernized since the" cold war ", - told RBC daily Sandra Diaz Fernandez, an expert of the European Centre for Security Studies. According to her, means a massive attack XIAO lead to the destruction of the leading scientific and industrial centers of the Russian Federation and can lead to the transfer of the capital from the destroyed missile attacks in Moscow in one of the survivors of cities.

"Many experts believe that the US strike, if it happens to be massive. It goes on one or two bombs, but about a dozen warheads - the main task of the US military would be the complete exclusion of the possibility of retaliation, "- he shared his thoughts RBC daily, a political scientist at the University of Pennsylvania Avery Goldstein.

The creation of a new air defense system, the first sample where the Russian military conducted yesterday Ashuluk range, is designed to prevent such a development. A prototype of the control system for air defense and Air Force combat air and space objectives, the tests which were carried out in Ashuluk save Russia from all air strikes can not. But it will help minimize the damage at the beginning of the impact on our territories with the airspace, as well as useful during the protracted military operations against Russia.

"This system allows you to select target and distribute them firepower and apply counter-punches. Its use is to prevent the possible consequences of a surprise attack, to minimize the loss of human life, as well as to prevent the destruction of strategically important objects in our territory, "- said in an interview with RBC daily military commentator of the Independent Military Review (IEE) Viktor Litovkin.


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