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He: I Sori yesterday appeared - a bachelor.
She: stag always heap bl @ dei.
He: No, it's a bachelor party, do not take the girls back.
She: You Th think I've not been to a bachelor party? !!!

And because of what you are evil?
 - Because of the ancestors ...
 - And what are they made?
 - Me!

The husband comes home to his wife:
 - Honey, I came home.
 - Honey, it seems we will soon be three!
Husband hugging wife in front of clezami with joy. Wife:
 - Tomorrow comes my mom!

A woman sits in a cab and said:
 - In the hospital. Yes, do not drive, so I just work there!

 - I bought a cool car yesterday: five liter, automatic, stuffed with electronics, works silently, 2008 release, but was brought to Germany, 1600 RPM keeps ...
 - And what a brand?
 - Stiralka Boshovskaya.

The wife asks her husband:
 - Honey, do you think about if I change my hairstyle like something ... maybe my hair slicked back? ..
 - Are you stupid, or what ??? Where the hair, and where the ass ?!

Why India women red dots on their foreheads?
 - Well, no ashtrays in India, no !!!

 - Yesterday I bought a vacuum cleaner - sucking wonderful!
 - That is, he changed his mind to marry you?

This summer at the morgue well?
Mosquitoes! Blood cold refreshing =)

In the operating room.
 - Doctor, it hurts!
 - Please hush! We test!

Husband - wife:
 - What do you Werth front of the mirror?
 - Why, I want to see the waist.
 - So you're first breast lift!

 - Boy, why are you crying?
 - I saw the old organ-grinder! ..
 - So what?
 - So he's blind, but he kind of bastard instead of the hurdy-gurdy, slipped a meat grinder!
 - Well, it's not scary!
 - So he's back on top of the monkey put !!!


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