Interesting facts from the history of perfume

Factory Cleopatra

The famous beauty Cleopatra of antiquity has left us with a lot of different recipes for cosmetics, which she made herself. For example, the recipe for cosmetic ointments made from bear fat, contributes to the fact that her skin was shiny and radiant.

Archaeologists have discovered in the Dead Sea an ancient laboratory for the production of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. It was a perfume and cosmetic factory, which led to the I century BC. e. Cleopatra: Hand millstone for grinding herbs and plants, boilers, which are cooked in aromatic compounds, amphorae and bottles with aromatic substances.

Death due to a drop of perfume

The first owners of the spirits were Napoleon (although he later moved to the Cologne water, that is, "cologne") and Spanish King George II. Perfume first perfume was secret and included seven components. Disclosure of the secret face the death penalty. When the court perfumer Edmond dowels French court allowed his young wife he borrowed spirits destined for the Emperor, he was beheaded.

It's all about the apple

Ladies of the court of Queen Elizabeth I put armpit peeled apple. It not only absorbs sweat, but also how to filter unwanted odors, missing only sex feramony body - the same odor molecules that attract the opposite sex.

The first recipe of henna

In Leipzig, kept the famous "Papyrus Ebert" dating from 2000 BC. e. In it, among many recipes given recipe of hair dye, which belonged to the Egyptian queen Ses, the mother of Pharaoh Theta. He is considered the first recorded recipe application of henna as a hair dye.

Instead of perfume - goat fat

Ancient beauties hidden in hairstyles cornets with goat fat and jasmine extract. Melted in the heat, drain off the fat on the face, neck and shoulders, smelling jasmine.

Climbing Chanel

His fate of the famous Chanel couturier Paul Poiret owes known fact that in 1906 proposed the Parisian ladies to abandon corsets. Once he got to wait one of the ladies of the Rothschilds. To annoy the great tailor, she ordered all the hitherto unknown to anyone's wardrobe Chanel. It was an unprecedented success of Chanel. And in 1921, are born the legendary Chanel №5, which are almost 80 years out of fashion.


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