The smell of the USSR (24 photos)

Let us remember what the cologne was in Soviet times, perhaps, someone even left bottles.
At that time, the choice of perfume was not great, and the dream of a French perfume, do not have to.
Now this sounds strange, I came and bought what you want.

Soviet perfumes made in the USSR !!!

Today we remember the Soviet perfume, which was made in the USSR. Not French perfumes and fragrances of our factories. In the USSR, these flavors are more affordable than French perfume, and today the original Soviet perfumes average is more expensive French perfume.

Why is it coming out? There are several reasons, firstly, to purchase original perfume from the Soviet era is not so simple, it is some rare, and secondly, the Soviet perfumes were made of better quality components than today's flavors. For the production of the Soviet perfumes and colognes are often used natural ingredients, and production was regulated by GOST, therefore, receive high-quality perfumes.

Many bottles of the Soviet perfumes, released 30-40 years ago, and still keep the flavors of the past. Such spirits can be purchased at various online auction and specialty stores. And for connoisseurs of perfume fragrances data become collectible. In some collections the number of vintage perfumes - Soviet, French ... the hundreds of bottles!

But what about the current flavors, modern perfumes? Now the pursuit of profit perfume companies in every way trying to reduce the cost of production, cutting back on all that is possible - on the bottle, on the box and on the flavor.



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