How to develop intuition of the baby.

Kids are vulnerable, sensitive and yet psychologically weak, that you sometimes comforting her child, call him silly and try to provide it with reasonable arguments. But oddly enough will know, but right now's your favorite "silly malyshnya" wiser than all the adults together. How to develop intuition at the kid ...
What is intuition?

Brain development in humans occurs on such a scheme: immediately after the birth of a child is better developed right side of the brain. This hemisphere is actively developing up to three years. After this, the child begins to finally organize the work of the left hemisphere. Now, remember, is responsible for what the right hemisphere of the brain. That's right, for sensory perception, emotion, and, most importantly, intuition. That is almost the entire period of the child's personality, up to three years for its responsible development is the emotional side of the brain. This means that the baby is fully owns a complete set of sensory perception, visual memory, and a very well developed intuition and even has the makings of a super-powers.

All children are equally ... brilliant!

Frankly, learning about new research in the field of psychology, particularly among children inevitably becomes even insulting. Nobody told at the right time to our parents that if the time to begin to engage with your child special exercises, his ability, especially mental, can be developed almost to genius. And the phrase "nature on children rests" in this case would be highly inappropriate.
Carpe Diem:

If you start to engage in the development of intuition in the child at the age of 1-3 years, the results of such studies will be visible very soon. It must be said that almost all the superpowers Indigo children psychologists associated with surprisingly developed intuition. Hence the opinion that such gifted children know everything. You do not need to do from your baby over a man, but it is certain the results depend on your deystviy.Chto to do? Specific guidance on how to develop intuition in a child - no. Therefore, given the characteristics of the baby brain, namely, the right hemisphere, it is possible to generate concrete action. For example, if during the period of up to 3 years old the baby is very good visual and emotional memory, you should act in this direction. That is, play with the baby in the game, in which the affected child's emotional distress. For example, you walk down the street, in your way a lot of different people. Try first to suggest itself in hearing what emotions on the face of passers-by, what they feel, and so on. D. Later, he let the kid tries to guess what the person is going through at this moment. Also, since you develop the baby and care for people. Intuition will train if it will increasingly turn. So I suggest a child game, where he will look for items to guess their location, just assume that it is, etc. Today, there are various trainings for the development of intuition, which has programs for such children. Therefore, if decided to take this issue seriously, do not wait. And do not forget to praise your baby: without a sense of support he can not accomplish much.


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