Cosmos ordered not to wash and a haircut

Spouses of Makeyevka 16 years old do not wash or cut their hair, and believe our world is insanity.

They - 52-year-old piano tuner, restorer of rare piano and 19-year-old student, pianist - saw each other in 1986 at a meeting of graduates Artemovskiy musical college. He has had numerous trips to the mountains, including the expedition to the Pamirs and he says the meeting with UFO membership Astronomical Society, visiting all the major museums of the Union, read out to the holes of the book of philosophers and sages, meetings with famous people, tens his own poems and interesting work - sometimes had to go after the "sick" grand piano in the sea cruise. She - everything is just ahead, and the past - 9th grade schools and three school course. Ufologicheskiye conversation on the topic. Both were so interesting that communication was delayed ... 21 years. Now Anatoly - 73 years old Larisa - 40.

PIANO AND SPACE. Chet shahs lives in the heart of the industrial Makeyevka in Donetsk that seamlessly flows. Going through the streets, stuffed with banks and boutiques. I can not believe that somewhere you can find a home of our heroes. But a modest little house with a homely green fence is still sought, and we in the blink of an eye as if transported into some Tmutarakan sample of the last century. In the XXI century returns only that the meeting we agreed on CellPhones. "Another would be two seconds - and you would not have got here," - the threshold blurted Anatoly. "Do not let it be for being late?" "No, it's all meant to be. Let us go into the house. There waiting Larisa ».

A woman greeted in a dark corridor suspicious closes behind me on the hook for one, and then another door leads to a poorly lit room. I feel uneasy. Especially when you start discovering offer apartments with room, where there is no light. The walls are completely covered with maps maze of space - the so-called Larissa izrisoval tricky cantle colored cloth. "Miraculously, - she says. - Hand drove Prednachertatel. "

The flash of my camera pulls out from the darkness of the "white eternity", "red", "black". The library room crowded with thousands of books. In the hall leading place at the piano middle of the XIX century. At my request, Larissa sits down at the piano, and improvisation is born - a play-delusion. Hands like lightning flashed in the air, an avalanche of sounds sweeping the darkened living room.

Shakhov fire is detected. The news that Larissa will live with Anatoly, her parents received a hostile reception. And when the couple abandoned the work, which prevented them from engaging in ufology, they were horrified. But the relationship is not completely broken. Once a month, bring conservation and vegetables. Father while mutters, "God, when will it all end ?!" Shahs "offerings" take, but in the purity of intentions before the end of the relatives do not believe. Do not poisoned food, check on the kitty. Completely sure only those products that buy themselves.

Once a month Shahs sent them to the store where "despise" small pension head of the family. Their home is near the market. According to Anatoly, who has decided to expand the business and to make room, let them "red rooster". Until now, he can not forgive, that the fire destroyed his observatory with telescopes, astronomy library, podkoptit rare icons. Firefighters arrived to extinguish the fire, and the existence of extraordinary men and women who have released an incredible length hair became public.

HYGIENE AND NO! When 10 years ago, after the construction market, they have dried up water, complaining did not. They began to collect rain water and to cook on it. Her own and drink. They say that enough, because, observing the measure, and drink, and eat once a day. It happens less often - every few days. Salts - at least. Of the four white loaves of bread bought in February, not finishing a half loaf. Larisa cooks soups, sauces, cereals, potatoes, beans, beets, fruit, coffee.

For other needs not use water. 16 years did not erase: wear clothes until sopreet body, changing it once a year. Do not wash even the dishes. Do not bathe. At the same time - and this is the most amazing thing! - I never go to the doctor, do not buy tablets. It develops immunity? Or a secret that comply with the measure in eating, avoid foods with all sorts of harmful additives? Do not drink, do not smoke? We even Shahova coffin bar hung before the fire, in which "rested" alcohol. In it, he put all that is considered harmful. "But how do without bathing? - I did not let up. - Odor is not it annoying? "" Did you hear something? "Of course, I hear. Although it must be said, I was expecting the worst. Larissa, in turn, acknowledges that its irritating odor deodorants and shampoos: "It's chemistry, from which the body only harm."

HEAD accustom to the hair. Anatoly grew a beard length of almost two meters. In order not to interfere, he wraps it around the body and tied. On the length of the hair both Shahs difficult to speak: for 16 years, they huddled in a tight tangles. While Larisiny braids were up to three meters, she brushed them. Wearing a mop on her head, she recognized that hard, but for so many years was used.

Spouses do not focus on the conventional wisdom, though long hair - to communicate with the cosmos. Just because they "ordered". Versions of other life they do not allow. "If it stopped me, I would have immediately turned to dust. From grief ", - says Anatoly. About Larisa he responds: "It is - the essence of me. And I - the essence of it. " Claims that perceives it as a "look - at a glance, radiation - radiation," and refers to a state of bliss. Sex wife believe "flighty foolishness." Madness and believe the life that they see on TV. "All this ZOO - Zashiblen, stunned, stunned, - resents Shakhov. - You're excluded from normal music channels! And the ancients said: "What kind of music - such like." The last 16 years consider themselves shahs sharpened in the universe №12, which is the Earth.

From what UNIVERSE WILL? According to the Shahs, all earthlings - aliens from the other universe, existing numbered. Without leaving its creation, part of the subject - human, animal, plant - projected onto the Earth and "guests" her allotted time. "When you look into the night sky, you see 7 4 degree Creation. Of these, 4, 7 degree settled, "- Anatoly enlightens us. According to him, some "delegates" universes presented on our planet thousands of people, others - the millions. Earthlings perceive objects in three dimensions. In fact, more of them.

"The dog of our neighbor, for example, dimension - 84, but his neighbor - 4. Is it fair that a neighbor has it, there does not?" - Outraged Anatoly. Pig in his hometown of 26th -16-dimensional universe and the incredible standards of earthly dimensions.

The destiny of all creatures believe our heroes - immortality, and every living - representative of immortality, because the age of any of us can be longer than the age of the Earth. Oh, how I want to think that the Shahs right.


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