On the run

At the beer festival was only one bio-toilet, which has surpassed the box office "Avatar┬╗

Vanya so quickly put on a wool sweater that he was killed by a current

Vova, I know you 7 years. Tell me who is your shirt when they clean?

Yandex-maps, Yandex-money, Yandex two trunk

Pigeons, after eating beans around a chemical plant melted down a statue of Lenin

To do everything I need to wake up early tomorrow. For example, in the year since 1971

Mom, why all the kids eat cotton candy, and I - normal?

Until wages for another two weeks, and has nothing to spoil

Your child will last longer if you give it to the Navy

When I was too lazy to shave, I look in the mirror and say to myself: "Today, I - Wolverine┬╗

People - like trees. Falls to the ground after a shock 3-4 ax


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