In Sochi found the underwater city unknown civilization

This is a real sensation for historians and archaeologists around the world

Densely stacked blocks 30 centimeters in thickness. Each of them is a regular shape. Paved portion goes in the sand. It is clearly seen stage. Reminiscent of the way, leaving deep into the sea ...

... The road to a depth of 19 meters ?!

Recently in Sochi the presentation of sensational local film studio "Saco movie." From cinema audiences out with round eyes: "Do this be ?!" What did the film and how the idea was born to take it off?

 - On the way to the bottom of the sea accidentally let slip boat sailors, which we rented kind of Sochi from the sea for a documentary film - told us the director of the studio, Olga Sahakyan. - And once believed in the existence of this road. While in that area is no serious research and has never been about any ancient city of one of the archaeologists had not heard.

The decision was made immediately - in whatever was to get to this place and fix it on film.

But this needed equipment for underwater video and experienced divers. All found. Team Sochi boat "Triton", together with the crew began searching the "Sunken City».

 - It took four long winter months - says the art director of the studio Igor Kozlov. - The fact that the Black Sea in winter offers tranquility and transparency. Storms and currents make underwater photography risky and dangerous. But the authors of the film "pereupryamili" sea and after multiple dives produced the long-awaited pictures. Block paved portion of the road stretches over 10 meters.

The earliest remains of the ancient city saw Captain "Triton" Oleksandr Zinchenko.

 - You know what's interesting? You can swim ten times over the place and do not see, - shared his impressions of Alexander. - This is clearly handmade. The fact that the undercurrents that will wear the stone sand road, then open ...

Finding Sochi documentary removed from the shore to 900 meters. According to archaeologists, this may mean that the underwater city at least three thousand years. It is very similar to the remains of ancient buildings that are found off the coast of Turkey in the past century. Approximately the same depth.

Who could live in while on the territory of modern Sochi and how the structure was so far from the coast and at a depth? This question did not give rest to researchers throughout the months of work on the film. They shoveled mountains of papers on archeology, but a clear answer has never been found. Although ...

Off the coast of Turkey in the last century, at about the same depth, archaeologists discovered the remains of ancient buildings. Turkish sensational discoveries that historians have given a formal opinion - found on the bottom of the sea settlement can not be attributed to any of the known world cultures.

Among other things, the film from a new angle considered the theme of the legendary homeland of the Golden Fleece. The authors argue that it is not the Argonauts produced in Georgia, and in Sochi - on the banks of the river Mzymta.

If you do thorough excavation of the underwater city, it could dramatically change the view of the distant past of the Black Sea coast. But in order to learn their history, there is little enthusiasm for singles.

 - We have tried to draw the attention of those structures that are on duty are required to respond to new archaeological findings, - says Olga Sahakyan. - I do not want to mention specific names of officials of regional and federal services for the protection of cultural heritage, to which we were treated. Interest them alive thing was impossible. At best, we received a polite refusal.

And suddenly our underwater city - a fragment of an unknown civilization?


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